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Coldflow hermetic and semi-hermetic air-cooled and water-cooled commercial refrigeration condensing units range from 3/4 HP to 30 HP. They are designed with state-of-the-art components and the latest in heat transfer technology. All Coldflow units are built to the highest and most stringent standards, ensuring the quality workmanship, efficiency, durability, and reliability demanded in the commercial refrigeration industry.

Coldflow offers a complete condensing unit line with all standard features for ease of replacement. Units are compact for easy drop-in replacement. They are built using durable coils constructed of aluminum fins on copper tubes, to ensure long life. All units are quiet and efficient, perfect for low-noise needs, and are some of the highest efficiency units on the market today. Designed with large electrical terminal boxes and easily accessible refrigeration connections, installation and servicing is fast and simple. With our proven reliability and quality, uninterrupted and trouble-free operation is ensured.

Standard features:

  • A heavy duty hot-dipped galvanized steel base
  • High-efficiency copper tube & aluminum fin condenser coils
  • Durable outdoor housing
  • Dual-pressure controls on 1.5 HP and larger models
  • Large pumpdown capacity receivers with fusible plugs
  • Suction and liquid service valves

Optional features:

  • Ambient fan cycling control on dual-fan models
  • Pressure control on smaller models
  • Crankcase heater
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