Flaked Ice Machine

ColdFlow is a commercial producer of flaked ice machines. Its evaporator, with fixed vertical design, is made of SUS304 or carbon steel with high heat transfer efficiency. The surface of the evaporator is electroplated Nobelium. The material, protection, welding, equipment, and annealing heat treatment used ensure the ice machine’s high quality and assures better performance. Flake ice machines are widely used in fish, poultry, meat and floral processing and packing. Our machines are shipped as a package, ready to go, so all that’s needed is to unpack and connect power, water and drainage.



• Ice blade is made of of SUS304 material. It is a seamless tube and formed through a one-time process.
• Spindle and other accessories are made of SUS304. They are precision machined and conform to food hygiene standards.
• Thermal insulation is made by a foam machine that fills it with a polyurethane foam for better insulation.
• Evaporator size and installation direction can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.
• The material of the evaporator wall and pedestal is available in 304 and 316.

- Flake ice is usually made up of large, flat, thin pieces of ice and is mainly used in the fishing and concrete cooling industries. Belan flake ice machines are made for commercial and industrial application and have been designed to produce clean and fresh flake ice in a trouble free manner. The flake ice produced by Belan machines is sub-cooled to -22°F/-22°F. Due to the high amount of energy accumulation the ice will last much longer than other types of ice used for preserving fish. In addition, the shape of flake ice offers a large surface area whereby the product is cooled rapidly. The thickness of the ice will be around 2 mm. The length around 1.57/1.75 inches. The firmness of the ice can be adjusted by adding salt to the water. To facilitate this a special salt mixing pump and reservoir are standard. However it is not necessary to add salt into the fresh water to produce ice. Our machines are manufactured to produce ice without salt. The machines can be fitted with either an air- or water-cooled condenser. Standard conditions of 77 °F.

Condensing Temp 104 °F


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